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Best stag and hen destinations in the UK

I want to stay in the UK for my stag or hen party, where can I go?

We get asked this ALL the time. There is absolutely no need to go abroad, unless you really want to of course. There is an array of cities all over the country that play host to thousands of stage and hen parties every year.

1. Liverpool

The friendliest city in the UK, with a massive array of bars and clubs, what more could you want? The music and party capital allows visitors to enjoy old school Beatles tunes on Mathew Street, or hit Concert Square, the world famous Albert Dock, infamous Seal Street; the possibilities are endless! It also has the most hotels in the country outside of London!

2. Bath

Becoming popular over the last 3 years, it’s not difficult to see why. Bath is an Ancient Roman city and would not typically be seen as your standard stag and hen destination. Don’t let it fool you, it is perfect for having a good time! It’s range of pubs with local ales are particularly appealing to stags, with many having beautiful gardens to sit outside in during the summer months. The university provides a youthful vibe and a great energy.

3. Chester

Another city steeped in history, Chester not only has a brilliant nightlife, but is home to a classy horseracing venue, right in the city centre. With the River Dee as a backdrop, enjoy local pub ales and some of the best night spots in the North West.

4. Torquay

The tranquil seaside town has a nightlife that outweighs anything that you could imagine. Home to the stunning Babbacombe model village, it is sure not to disappoint. At night time be sure to hit the harbour front, with its stunning clubs and bars, you would be forgiven for thinking that you are in a foreign country! There is something for everyone from swanky upmarket bars to chilled out sports clubs.

5. London

Where better to celebrate than the big city! Although it may be a little more pricey, especially for drinking, it is worth it for a big blow out! There is so much to do, you probably won’t be able to pack it all in to one weekend. Sight see around the many historic buildings or chill in one of its many pubs and bars. It’s so big, you will find something that will suit the tastes of everyone in your group.

Top 5 stag destinations in the UK

It seems like stags have a choice of so many activities, that it can be difficult to decide which one to choose! Whether you want to spend a wild, booze filled weekend away with the lads, or you want a more action filled few days, there is something to suit all you stags out there! Here is our top 5.

1. Swanky hotel/apartment in town

Forget boring run of the mill hotels, it’s your stag do! Go all out in a city of your choice and find an apartment to suit you. Liverpool, Manchester, London, the possibilities are endless, whether you are on a budget or not there is a perfect city out there for you. Plan ahead, get booked in to the best clubs in town before you leave and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Water adventure activities

Do you and your mates think you are dare devils? Recon you could jump into caves and slide off rocks? Then this is the stag weekend for you. Spend the day white water rafting or canoeing in beautiful surroundings, then reward yourself with a beer at the end of the day, you deserve it.

3. Quad biking

Want to stay on land? It’s ok you can be forgiven. Quad biking is perfect to get your adrenaline pumping and show off your amazing driving skills without your future wife there to nag you about the dangers!

4. Hole in one weekend

The popular sport of golf and the epic town of Bath just go hand-in-hand. Enjoy the peaceful yet lively surroundings of the historic city, which comes alive at night. Spend a few hours on the golf course and then have a wonder round, take in the sights before heading back to your hotel to get ready for the evenings antics!

5. Lap dancing and visit to a strip club

The ago old stag do tradition is still alive and well. Enjoy your last night of freedom in the famous Peter Stringfellow. Although the stag will be the one in the spotlight, everyone will get there 15 minutes of fame in the club.


Top 5 UK hen activities

The 5 best hen activities in the UK 

You spend months, maybe even years planning your wedding, so why scrimp on the hen. Whether you want to get the girls together, get your glad rags on and party the night away, or you want to beat the boys at their own game and go paintballing, we have a list of the top activities and destinations for hens in the UK.

1. Bar Babes party bus

Offering a whistle stop tour of your choice, in cities around the country (and in Las Vegas if you are really going all out). This bus isn’t your usual public transport! Just for you and your party, crank up the speaker system and the bus will take you wherever you need to go. Tailor made to suit all of your needs!  Book here.

2. Butlers in the buff

This does exactly what it says on the tin. Get your drinks served by a hunk in trunks, well, no trunks really! He will deliver to your every need and his firm pecs are something to admire. Think collar, cuffs and bow ties. Book here.

3. Action Angels Go Karting

Who says this kind of stuff was just for the boys!? Stop worrying about helmet hair and have fun. Race against your friends and pick a prize for the winner, or better yet a forfeit for the loser! Forget the heals and dresses for this activity, leave that for the evening. Book here.

4. Cottages

Why not book a beautiful cottage and spend your nights in a hot tub and your days exploring the country side an having lie-ins. If you want to forget the hustle and bustle of big cities then Acacia Hen Houses are one of many options for cottage rental. These absolutely stunning houses provide a haven for those who want the option to drink and party, but also relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings. Book here.

5. Spa weekend

Sit back, relax and be pampered. Whether it’s in preparation for the big day, or just because! There is a treatment and activity for everyone, and it is unlikely that anyone is going to complain about relaxing and getting pampered. Prospect or tea with your Indian head massage? Book here.

smiling girlfriends having breakfast in bed

The best stag and hen destinations in Europe

Liverpool has been named in the 10 ten cities in Europe on countless surveys and websites. The city is know for a unique, cheap (in comparison with other English cities) and wild nights out there is a destination across the city to suit all tastes. From Mathew Street for the Beatles or some golden oldie tunes to Concert Square with its massive array of clubs, not forgetting it’s friendly locals. There are more hotels here than any other city outside of London. Signature Living cater especially to hens and stag dos with unique rooms and apartments that can sleep up to 32 people!


2. Amsterdam

Well known for its sex museum and laid back laws regarding the smoking of marijuana, the Dam is a perfect destination for a fun filled stag weekend. It’s famous night life is second-to-none and there will be guaranteed to be plenty of other stags and hens taking in the sights, smells and sounds.


If you are after sun and partying, in just over 2 hours on a plane you could be in the party capitol of the world! Ibiza is a beautiful island filled with beautiful Spanish ladies! Wayne Rooney had his stag here, what a recommendation!

4. Edinburgh

Boasting almost as many betting shops as there is pubs, the Scottish capital is a popular tourist destination all year round. There is so much to see and a load of pubs along the way!

5. Bath

Many discard Bath, seeing it as a sensible ‘posh’ area. Bath is a rugby town filled with heritage and beauty. It is often difficult in big cities to be able to get a group of lads into the same pub or club. That won’t happen here, there is only a few clubs but they are used to large groups due to their rugby reputation.

Pulteney Bridge in Bath, England

6. Benidorm

Good old Benidorm. Famous for its cheap pints, breakfasts and thrills! Stags and hens flock here for the almost year-round lovely weather and famous shows, we won’t mention any names…

7. Berlin

Just becoming popular with stags, Berliners work hard and play hard! They love to drink and in many ways the culture is much like London.


With stacks of clubs and pubs, beautiful women and beer consumption heavily encouraged, Prague is perfect for stags wanting a wild weekend. Although it has gained itself a bad reputation in recent times, for being a sleazy destination, as long as you play by the rules you are guaranteed to have a good time. Some of the many activities include go karting and Prague strip boat!